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Amazing Race 6 - coming Sept 25th

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Chip and Kim Win
It went down to the wire in Calgary Alberta where Colin and Christie managed to scale the mountain first, ride the luge and hit the airport again. Both Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole booked early flights to Dallas Texas but when Chip and Kim finished that round later that night they were told the morning flight was delayed due to fog. So Chip and Kim booked another flight to Denver and onto Dallas. While the other two teams found this out they switched to that flight to Denver but could not get on the one to Dallas. This meant Chip and Kim had gotten a 10 minute lead between plane landings and this lead was all they needed. Colin and Christie did have a driver specially called for this last leg of the race but as it came down to the wire the traffic was not enough to get them ahead of Chip and Kim. Chip and Kim came in first and won Amazing Race 5. Next week Amazing Race 6
4th Place but still in
Colin & Christie managed to stay in the lead a majority of this game but this time things changed when they could not get an earlier flight to Philippines and the rest of the team caught up with them. It was a race to the next spot and their former allies married parents Chip & Kim used the yield on them to put them behind. If you are looking for episode recaps go here: AM5 Recaps

It all Starts July 6th and it's About time
Finally another year has come and after a long hiatus and the best Reality TV Award of 2003 the show is back on the air for those addicted fans. Last year almost saw the end of this great race but when the award was given the producers decided another show would do well. So here we are a year later and the summer will soon be full of Reality TV running and eliminations. Who will win this years Race? 11 Teams of 2 will compete. You will have to watch each week to find out or tune in here for a brief update for the Best Amazing Race yet!
Hosted by Phil Keoghan. You can catch all the action on CBS Saturdays at 8PM.

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