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Unofficial Terri HatcherTerri Hatcher 
Plays: Susan Mayer
Birth Date: December 8, 1964
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After a six-year hiatus from series television, Teri Hatcher is returns in Desperate Housewives . Best known as Lois Lane in the 1994-1997 ABC series Lois & Clark , she now plays Susan Mayer, a single mom struggling to find love while living in a troubled suburban neighborhood. Hatcher finds a comfortable connection to her new character, as she is also a single mom to her six-year old daughter, Emerson.

Among the many highlights of Hatcher's career is a turn hosting Saturday Night Live that had USA Today commenting, "She gives one of the best and most energetic performances by a good-sport host in a long time." What's more, the sketches she did with Molly Shannon, David Spade and Chris Kattan have become part of SNL's Best Of . Other favorite roles include that of Sally Bowles in the national tour of the Tony Award-winning musical Cabaret and the many opportunities Off-Broadway and around the globe to talk about and examine her own issues through her performance in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues .

Of all her film credits, Hatcher still considers the first movie she ever made -- The Big Picture , directed by Christopher Guest -- to be her favorite. Other movies that followed were Soapdish , with Kevin Kline, Two Days in the Valley , Spy Kids , directed by Roberto Rodriguez, and a turn as a "Bond" girl in Tomorrow Never Dies , opposite Pierce Brosnan. Nor will anyone ever forget the line she made famous in Seinfeld , which was, of course, "They're real -- and they're spectacular."

Hatcher was honored with the 1996 "Spirit of Compassion Award" for her generous support of the Aviva Center, which provides services to sexually and physically abused adolescents. She has been a strong supporter of AIDS Walk Los Angeles and New York, and very active in the battle against breast cancer.

Among her pop culture honors, Hatcher has topped Best Dressed lists around the world and was voted E! Entertainment Television's "Best Dressed Woman of 1996." She's been recognized as one of the sexiest women on television, and had the distinction of being the most downloaded image on the internet the year she posed wrapped in Superman's cape -- and nothing else! She has also been honored by the Hollywood Women's Press Club as "Discovery of the Year," but this year she looks forward to being re-discovered in the role of Susan Mayer. It's a role that's taken her years to be ready for, and one that will offer viewers a surprising and new turn from this well known and talented actress.

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