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Solitary on Fox Reality TV Only

Premieres Monday, June 5th at 6PM and 9PM ET/PT!!

Solitary, a new series coming to Fox Reality, is an intense and entertaining psychological experiment without votes or finish lines. In this show the only way to lose is to quit and the only way to triumph is to endure. Subjects will be pushed to their mental and physical limits while dealing with the primal and universal fear of being isolated.

The show puts a twist on the traditional methods of reality show elimination. In contrast to the way in which players vote each other off reality shows, or get eliminated by an authority figure, it is up to each individual in “Solitary” to decide if they will endure or quit. Getting out is as simple as hitting the Panic Button, but the winner will be the individual who can conquer his or her fear the longest.

Contestants never meet one another. The only company available to players in confinement is the voice of their omniscient “friend” Val. Val is an ally, confidant, taskmaster . . . and possibly their worst nightmare.

The octagonal shaped pods, which the contestants call home, aren’t much larger than half the size of a pitcher’s mound. Everything in their pod is controlled for them – light, sound, temperature, food and more. Because the bed in each room slides in and out from a slot in the wall, the floor becomes fair game for sleep-deprived players during their lull time.

Show premieres Monday, June 5 at 6PM and 9PM ET/PT.

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