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Heroes is NBC's Monday Hot Pick
This show is making some waves as the fans of this show are tuning in each week to find out what is gonna happen. Will they save the cheerleader? Will the stop the bomb? Who will be evil? Who will be good? Catch more here: Heroes on NBC
Deal or No Deal on NBC! Click Here!
Howie Mandel is back for Deal or No Deal
NBC has found another hit and that is Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandell as the Host and complete strangers. Each contestants hopes they pick the winning briefcase and as they pick each one they soon find out if they are gonna go for a deal or ride it out to the last briefcase. Catch more here: Deal or No Deal on NBC
Nobody's Watching Funny stuff
If you are not aware of this new comedy where pilot that is getting people excited after watching it on YouTube then you are missing out. After an 18 month hiatus the show has been given the go ahead for 6 episodes by NBC. Find out more click here: Nobody's Watching
Wins 386 Million Dollars in WindFall
Ok there are tons of lotteries every day of every year and some of the are huge and of course somebody does win. Now a group of people have won 386 Million. Now what will they do. Find out this summer on NBC by clicking here: Windfall
Aliens are coming in The 4400 Season 3
After two years of watching these humans with special powers we finally will learn why they are here. Stay tuned to another season of The 4400 and see what they will do with their powers. Read more here: The 4400
Invasion Season 2
Are humans being changed? Is the World being Invaded as Dave says? What are these Hybrids and what are they up to? Only you can find out by watching each week for humankinds progress in the fight against these new alien invaders. Catch more on here: Invasion on ABC

Surface On NBC! Click here for more Information!
Surface is your Science Fiction Invasion Show
If you love the SciFi and watch Surface you will definitely enjoy this series as season 1 comes to a close a cliff hanger ending is sure to come. Check out more on this great show and who covers it here: Surface on NBC

WWE News and Information! Click here for more WWE! World Wrestling Entertainment Every Week
Pro-Wrestling has taken over our television with Raw on Mondays and Smackdown on Fridays and tons of other recaps shows on the weekends. If you find yourself wanting more than what they show on tv you can easily check out the numerous wrestling news sites and information sites they have online. Check out more here: WWE News and Information

Alias done
Jennifer Garner was back to reprise her role as Agent Sydney Bistro working for the USA government as an undercover operative on a mission to save the world from evil in here 5th and final season. This time she has a whole new team and a whole new mission. Check out the action this last season right here: Alias News

Lost Season 3 coming
Each episode these lost passengers on a mysterious island filled with strangers and monsters fight to survive and find out why they are there. Matthew Fox is back in this new show that has been a ratings hit. If you want to know more about this show then go here; Lost News

CSI: Miami is a great show
David Caruso is still on the air and this time he has managed to bring a show to the number one but Desperate Housewives just pulls in 2 million more viewers now than the CSI: Miami's 20 Million Viewers. Catch the action each week and find out more on this show here: CSI Miami New

Keither is Back for another 24 hours
It has been a great series and it is gonna be another great one as we Jack Bauer is off another world saving event. A new president and a new objective will find Jack Bauer once again in the heat of things. Luckily we have Kimberly Bauer to keep us entertained throughout this show. Catch all the action here: Twenty Four News

Season 3 The Story Continues....
SciFi Channel brought us a two-part BattleStar Galactica earlier in 2004 and this was not the old story but a brand new one where the Silons have been gone for years. Well they are back with a vengeance and the human race is once again on the run. This new show continues the story line and you won't want to miss an episode. You can catch more about the show here: BattleStar Galactic News

Desperate Housewives Season 3
In a surprise return to tv Terri Hatcher has caught audiences by storm in this quite suburban drama of 4 wives trying to improve their lives in the most bizarre way possible. Critics say this is an awesome new show but you will have to watch and decide for yourselves. Catch it every Sunday on ABC. Find out more here: Desperate Housewives

StarGate: Altantis Season 3
This is a spin off of StarGate: SG1 and takes on the story line of the ancient lost city of Altantis was constructed by the Ancients, who also built the StarGates themselves. In a war against the Wrath the Ancients hid Altantis on the bottom of the ocean on some distant planet. The crew has come on a one way trip to find what they can and explore this new universe for a power source that would not only power the huge city of Altantis but also power the StarGate for a jump back to Earth. Find out more here: StarGate Altantis

StarGate SG1 last season
If there is a Science Fiction show you have to love it is Stargate SG1 starring Richard Dean Anderson and Amanada Tapping. Already in it's 10th Season and last, Stargate will be around in syndication for some time to come. You can catch all the action as the 10th season wraps up this coming Spring 2007. Find out more here: StarGate SG1

Andromeda in Reruns
Catch all the action on your local SciFi Channel or any other channel showing reruns. This action adventure is apart of the Gene Roddenberry's line of science fiction adventures and is a great show to watch. Read more here: Andromeda TV

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